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02-10-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesBeBack View Post
Nabokov is horrible.

The Islanders look like a team without direction.

And I honestly don't think I can handle watching JT miss all of these chances. I mean, I understand he has no support. I'll give you that 7 days a week. But when your MAIN THREAT has a freaking penalty shot with 3 mintues left in the game, and instead of shooting, dekes and misses, why are we going to get on everybody else? This kid is here to win us hockey games.

There is just so much wrong with the Islanders/organizational structure/ team on the ice, that I don't even know why we waste our time rebuilding with Snow leading the way.

The Islanders legitimately need a new coach/GM/owner, combo of all 3, and a move to Brooklyn, before they can mend the curve as a team. Because they will forever be stuck in this cycle of mediocre crap under this regime. Case closed. End of story.

BTW, Under Snow, every 1st round pick has been a bust except Tavares. Okposo is garbage, Nino looks very overrated, and Strome is too small for my liking. I won't even touch on Bailey, who may just be the worst first round pick of any team over the last decade.

At some point, I have to figure out what to do as a fan. I give this team everything. My time, my money, my support. But I don't get anything in return. Never have.

And you know what?

I probably never will. Talk about a thankless job. Because being a fan of THIS team is a thankless job.

I wonder who we take in the first round this year. Jones? Mackinnon? Does it even matter?

Puke. A thousand pukes for this organization.

Oh, and that fat slob Okposo, any professional team would have demoted/waived/or traded this loser by now. What a complete loser. He doesn't have any talent. Zero. He skates with one hand on the stick and can't even dump the puck in without looking like Gumby on skates. He is not only going the way of Comeau, he's about to bust so hard on us that if we don't get rid of him PRONTO we are going to wish so hard that we traded him when he was only -gagillion and 5 points deep it'll make our heads spin. I don't care if we trade him and he turns into Bure, GET HIM OFF THIS MOTHER ****ING TEAM. NOW.
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