Thread: Injury Report: Peter Regin: Chest Injury
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02-10-2013, 12:20 PM
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You really think that in this year, another rebuilding year, they are not going to play him a bunch and see what they got.

Maybe your point makes sense if after this year and they sign him to a multi year contract after he only plays 20 games due to more injuries.

Until then you make absolutely no sense. None at all. You may as well write a tonne of posts about how you wish the Sens would sign Gary Roberts...or maybe he is too injury prone.
Guys, what is a "rebuilding year"? Is that just some term you heard a pundit say so you're all parroting it ad nauseum?

I'll say it until I'm blue in the face - there are no "rebuilding years". There may be years where you've got young guys learning the game. I get it. We all get it. But you NEVER throw away seasons because you're "rebuilding". You try to win all the time. Like last year's team did. Does anyone here have the feeling that if the Sens had gotten past the Rangers they might have really surprised some other teams as well? Who knows how far they could have gone? But hey, it's ok to lose a chance at a Cup because it was only year one of their rebuild! They should be happy!!

There are players for whom you allow a little more latitude with respect to injuries. Players you build your team around. Like Jason Spezza. Who is building their team around Peter Regin? But we do put him in an important position - 3rd line center. That's traditionally a checking role. And he plays well for a few games. Then he gets hurt. Rinse and repeat. Gettin' a little tired of that and the over-hype that accompanies this player from some on these boards.

Sentauro - What's your deal, bud? Calling me names? Ok, you don't like my opinion? It's a Peter Regin thread and I posted my opinion of that player. Just ignore me then. You won't hurt my feelings.

And what is with the guys that go right to the "Don Cherry" or "Gary Roberts" comments? I can't criticize an oft-injured European player without becoming some knuckle-dragger? And it's a poor insult anyway. Gary Roberts was a tremendous junior player in Ottawa and a tough-as-nails pro. He was clutch in the playoffs and a tremendous asset to any team that had him on their roster. Yeah, you got me. I'll admit I like that type of player. Because they..... pause for effect........ win championships! Also, Daniel Alfredsson of Gothenburg, Sweden is my favorite player. Close second is Erik Karlsson. There are no geographic borders for hard-ass players who will go through a wall to win. They are who they are regardless of nationality.

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