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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
I think you're overstating the impact that Forsberg had on Sakic.

Out of Sakic's ten seasons as a top ten scorer, four of them occured without Forsberg (Forsberg wasn't in the NHL in 1990 or 1991, he was injured the entire regular season in 2002, and was on another team in 2007). Forsberg also missed more than half of the 2004 season (he was easily better than Sakic on a per-game basis that year, but only played 39 games).

In three of the other seasons, Sakic was clearly superior to Forsberg. He outscored Forsberg by 24% in 1995 (playing the same number of games), 59% in in 2000 (30% on a per-game basis) and 33% in 2001 (18% on a per game basis). I'm not saying that having Forsberg didn't help, but when Sakic was better offensively by such a wide margin, it's difficult to attribute his success to another player.

Forsberg was close to Sakic in only two of #19's seasons as a top ten scorer (1996, when Sakic finished slightly ahead playing the same number of games, and 1999 when Forsberg outscored Sakic by 1 point).
Also Sakic and Forsberg rarely played on the same line unless they were down late in a game then Hartley would load up the top line.

But looking back at some of the wingers that Sakic played with, its pretty remarkable the impact hes had on them. Tanguay, Hejduk, Brunette, Fleury, Kariya.

Where Yzerman had a prime Shanny on his wing every year (except for the last couple).

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