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02-10-2013, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Well its the rinks that sets the limit. Denmark have the finances to make 50.000 if we start getting real succes. Especially if Copenhagen and Århus started to be interested in still a provincial town game. Huge areas have no rinks....I'm 125 km from the nearest hockey rink now...might seem normal in Russia?, but in Denmark its like half the with of the country
But 10.000 could be done fairly easily i think if the facilities were there!
For Norway being the wintersport country of the world, it's just a matter of interest building up, since it's not part of their sports culture like Sweden or Finland.
I have a friend who just returned from the Danish Elite league. He enjoyed playing there however I think he became homesick which is understandable. That's an area that I would love to see develop in the hockey world.

The way I look at sports as its relative here in the US(Not in regards to american football) is that winter cities usually tend to a better job of supporting their professional sports franchises. As such, I feel the same could be applied if it were to gain steam in Europe. A linking of those colder nations would be ok with me. More reason for me to travel and scout players in those area

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