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02-10-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
It wasent though. It was only slightly better than his normal production. Problem is talking about regression to the mean only being a handful of goals.

But assuming he keeps getting over 150 shots on net, he is roughly a 10-15 goal scorer. If he gets his shots back up to 200+ then he's a 20 goal scorer a season.

Nothing fluky about it.
it certainly was fluky, boyle isnt a goal scorer in any way shape or form, hes a 4th liner that plays hard enough to chip in 10-15 dirty goals, that season he got lucky being in the right place at the right time, not many of his goals were pretty or real goal scorer goals, alot of his goals were fortunate bounces that came right to his stick. He can throw 300 shots on net and id bet anything 10 of them wouldnt make their way in because none of his shots come from good positions and he doesnt have a good shot, hes a big dude with a seriously hampering inability to put himself in any kind of decent position to get a good shot off, everytime he drives to the net defensemen have their way with him and he takes a shot from the bottom of the circle and it goes right into the goalies pads.

that being said, i am a boyle fan, a fan of the 4th liner center, whose good on faceoffs, isnt overpaid, plays with a ton of heart and hits every and anything he can. i understand all the criticism of him not playing like hes a big man or having little offensive talent, but hes not here to score goals, hes a great penalty killer and defensive center, idk about everyone else but thats all i expect him to be, everyone knew the 20 goals was a nice fluke but those that expected him to keep it up are likely the ones that hate him, which imo isnt really warranted.

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