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02-10-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by notdoneyet View Post
Now is the time to get rid of Phil and Dion
They are starting to score. Their value is high
now, We can get draft picks and prospects for them.
This way every three years we can have a whole new team.

We NEED these two players if we are going to be successful. Why anyone in their right minds wants to trade them is beyond me.

Look at last nights game. Coach kept Dion to under 25 minutes what
happens goal, assist 5 HITS and a plus 1.

Coach admitted he was at fault against rangers not Dion.
32 minutes doesnt let Dion play his game. When he plays this
much he has to change his game, he cant hit as much or rush the puck, his two main strengths. Keep him to 25 minutes,let him play his game and he will be everthing we want him to be.

Phil is just Phil he makes other players better. He is such a threat everytime he has the puck that there is always someone open on his line and now he knows
that he doesnt have to score all the goals look how many assists he has.

Big mistake to trade these two.
Phil and Dion are the Leafs top 2 players. There are both still young. You don't get better by trading your best players. Now is a time to get them a top center to help carry the load. As long as Reimer is playing well the goaltending doesn't seem to be an issue but Phil and Dion can't be blamed for the sub-par goaltending last year. Holzner also seems to have helped Dion -- who does well with a more defensive defenceman -- since he likes to roam a bit.

It would be a mistake to trade these two thinking you are going to acquire a better sniper or dman. There simply aren't players of this caliber available.