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02-10-2013, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
If you prefer Sutter to Stepan, fine Sutter stepping up, replaced by Stepan, enables Malkin to W. The main point I made was correct.

2 net additional players now provides flexibility and options for Pens to use NOW.

Some combo should add a scorer, maybe 2 while having improved D.

The original premise of the OP was if ever Letang, for what scoring W. Presumably at least 1 top one, or preferably 2 very good ones.

But it is hard to come up with a match. Snipers are at a premium. Letang for sniper often = rob peter to pay paul.

So I gave you proximate = value on Letang w/Staal,
Then I gave you fair value on Neal + picks, all but one being current players. You gave up extra higher futures, which you might expect to yield in a deal for a sniper, but you got players you can use/trade now + a pick.

That enabled you to replace Neal AND get additional replacement firepower. Remember some added value to the fact you have a complementary L-R all star pair in Staal - Girardi.

So that should explain it and answer your question. Yes.

Of course there could be a smaller deal only for Letang, no Neal.
But something with less components leaves less creativity to bring another one or even maybe two teams, to allow for side deals to bring back, and then add, more firepower.

That construct of only 2 teams is less likely to work, whether it is Rangers or another team.

Again, I'm not saying its not possible to come up with something between just 2 teams. But a 1 for 1, say Letang for Ducks Ryan, robs peter to pay paul.

My proposal could be win win. Pens get additional assets so they both avoid a hole on their D AND can make enough moves to replace Neal and add more offensive help.

Make the deal.
If Martin ever exceeds Girardi and NY has more firepower I'll consider it.

Non sequitur, and you know it.

I withdraw the Tangradi comment --- I mistook for someone else.
Balance I stand by.

No, he's worth what the market will pay for him, which is based on on ability demonstrated to date, and short term projection of performance being either diminished, the same, or improved;;; AND the supply and demand of alternate talent, and the price paid for that talent based on what the seller will offer and the buyer will accept.

Multiple high picks + a second are worth two presumably late firsts.
Not sure what about that you don't get, unless you think Stepan would not return a first or a first plus, and Boyle will not fetch something proportionately smaller.
But multiple
Your point may be correct in theory but why would the Pens move one of the best centers in the league to W, a position he's not nearly as comfortable playing? It also ignores why the Pens would want to break up one of the best 1-2 punches in the NHL in Geno & Neal AND their 3rd checking line centered by Sutter.

The Pens need tinkering, not a complete re-do of their entire roster. Regardless of whether you think you're offering a fair return this still makes absolutely zero sense for the Pens.

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