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02-10-2013, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
I think some fans have the impresion running a hockey team is like playing monopoly or something. This isn't a department store or real estate office. He can't just go get whatever he wants as long as he has the money.

"No Plan B for Parise and Suter" is maybe one of the weakest arguments against Shero there is. You know WHY there was no plan B in the FA market? Because the market SUCKED. Our choices were limited to grinders, soft underachieving head-cases (Semin), and old guys who are overpaid and non-committal (Doan).

One day the people who constantly find the glass half empty with Shero (despite the very good things he's done with a tight cap situation) will figure out that he doesn't make overpayments for guys whose potential is high but whose consistency is poor, and he doesn't make moves just because he can. BE THANKFUL for that! He's patient and waits for the right opportunity to get the right guy, so that he's not overpaying or putting himself in a bad cap situation.

This is not fantasy hockey. Despite that I have a feeling in a month or so most of the plaintiffs are going to be shouting Shero's name from the rooftops... until the next time they decide they like a player and Shero doesn't trade for / sign him.
Not to mention the best options were all gone before Parise made his decision. Can you imagine the outcry here by some of these same people had we signed Jiri Hudler and didn't pursue Parise? And doing both was pretty much not a possibility. I am thrilled about the week of interviewing players leading up to FA Frenzy in the new CBA.

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