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07-06-2006, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
However, the real lunacy would be to sign him and then push Prucha down to the bottom-2 lines. Unless off course you can name just one NHL team that skates a 30 goal scorer anywhere but on the top-2 lines? You can search for a long time, but you will not find it. So how would it be right for him to play on the 2nd line?
Until Prucha's size becomes an issue and he does not score like a 2nd line forward, you cannot try to use that as an excuse for him to to play ther.
And as for Helminen, no one is talking about him being a goal scorer. People are talking about him being the 3rd line center. However, if he is there, that means that Moore is not. In order to accomodate such a move, the 3rd line LW spot must be made available. If it is not, then Helminen recieved no chance.
If Prucha hasn't bulked up significantly, he has the same problems as last year -- after his injury he was noticably not the same dynamo he was before, and I think strength and the pounding his style creates makes that a HUGE issue. Even strength on the 3rd line with loads of PP time made him a 30 goal scorer, and Rucinsky on the 2nd had what, 25? So that's 55 goals from your 2nd and 3rd LWs. Assuming he doesn't regress and improves and can take the pounding from playing 18 minutes a night (a big if), and hits 35, does Moore or Dawes make 20 on the 3rd line? You're already taking goals away from a team that had trouble making them last year.

He had what, half his goals on the PP? Who's to say his kid gloves treatment to start the year (4th line, eventually moving to the 3rd) didn't give him a lot of extra energy to expend on the PP? This isn't a video game where young guys improve every year, Petr got his *** kicked as the year went on, and if you recall the times he skated on Jagr's wing and got 18-21 minutes a night he didn't look particularly good. He's still young, and still physically has a lot to prove before being trusted to that level, and that's the underlying theme: he's got to EARN it. I thought that was the hallmark of the Renney era, that things are earned and not handed to vets just because they're vets. Why should kids get handed spots just because we're rebuilding?

All year long people say how Moore isn't anything special, doesn't add a tremendous amount, has good speed and smarts but doesn't have great hands, passing, vision, or a shot, and is therefore expendable in the future as guys who come up can do what he does but actually score... now Martin Rucinsky (who's twice the player Moore is) has to be let go so Moore can stay on and someone like Dawes or Helminen can get a spot too. What happened to Dawes or Helminen proving they're better than Moore and taking his spot? Are you really advocating not signing a PPG guy so a 15 point scorer can get 4th line minutes? You're assuming just because Moore played here last year he won't get bumped if he's outplayed. If that's the case, we got bigger problems than 24 year old wingers looking for a shot.

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