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02-10-2013, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Ference has never been much of a scorer.

Frankly, I don't get ANY hate. But the constant "trade Krejci" refrain is difficult to understand. I sometimes wish we could have a sort of "Twilight Zone" episode, showing what the Bruins would be like without him, and then I remember that we DID, in 2010 against the Flyers. And even with the Cup win with Krejci as top scorer, people still want him gone. I don't get it.
How does that saying go? There's nothing I hate worse than a bad argument for a position I hold dear... (?)

The collapse against the Flyers was NOT your exclusive Krejci theory. Krejci was simply the last straw. A string of injuries on a team that couldn't score even when healthy. It wasn't "Krejci or Bust"... His injury was simply the ultimate hurdle that the Bruins could not jump.

No, the stronger argument is how he lead the team in scoring during a Cup Championship, a creative changeup to the rest of the lineup, and a team with an offense that is built through the center of the ice. He's a PROVEN guy, a good teammate and DAMN GOOD when he's flying. He's creative and sound in all three zones. An incredible fit for our team, he's also signed long-term to a contract that is more than acceptable for what he brings.

There are reasons that people look to trade Krejci sooner than others, but they (extremely) RARELY have anything to do with "hate." They many times, are the same reasons that I wish to keep him around. He's valuable. And if you are going to propose a deal and not look like too big of an idiot doing so, your best bet is to offer VALUE.

Like it or not, Artemis (I don't know if I will or not) - there is going to be a major change or two to this roster in the offseason. That change COULD be Dave Krejci (+).

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