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Originally Posted by Rangerdanger20 View Post
it certainly was fluky, boyle isnt a goal scorer in any way shape or form, hes a 4th liner that plays hard enough to chip in 10-15 dirty goals, that season he got lucky being in the right place at the right time, not many of his goals were pretty or real goal scorer goals, alot of his goals were fortunate bounces that came right to his stick. He can throw 300 shots on net and id bet anything 10 of them wouldnt make their way in because none of his shots come from good positions and he doesnt have a good shot
This pretty vs. ugly goal thing doesnt mean anything.

Even if you completely ignore his 20 goal season, he has shot about 7-8% in his career.

180 shots at 7% is about 13 goals.

Thats not fluky. Thats consistent production in the range of 10-15 goals.

If he had 300 shots, he would be expected to have over 20 goals. Thats shooting only 7%.

His goal scoring is excellent production from a 4th line center. And its decent production for a 3rd liner.

His goal scoring is fine. Far bigger issue is his assist numbers. Or lack there of. Though Im sure part of that could be his linemates. Neither Prust or Feds were great scorers.

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