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02-10-2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by veganhunter View Post
The op is ridiculous because Neal has proven chemistry with Malkin, fits perfectly, and has been unbelievably productive. The people that are saying that Neal is a way better than Kane and what he aspires to be your delusional. You desperatley need to take off your homer glasses and get a grip on reality if you think Neal scores 40 with Wellwood and Burmistrov. Neal is probably the better player now but it's fairly close and Kane is 4 years younger. To say a guy is a way better player because he scored 10 more goals and 20 more points playing on one of the best teams and PP's in the league and on a line with arguably the best player in the league while the other guys is 4 years younger playing on a bad team with a bad PP and on a line with Kyle Freaking Wellwood and a 20 year old with a career high 28 points then I am speechless. As for the guy who said Kane is a 25 goal and 60 point kinda guy think about who he played with scoring 30 goals, his age, take a look at that list again and if you still believe then maybe you should watch another sport.
You are assuming there would be automatic chemistry between Malkin and Kane. What's to say there is no chemistry and Kane maintains that 25-60 type season with one of the best players in the world and we give up a guy that has chemistry and has had success with him, a 40-goal season already. Really, its a pointless move for Pittsburgh as the Pens could lose ALOT IF chemistry isn't developed. That is the key to why Pittsburgh should never ever consider this. Kane isn't an automatic to get 30 with Malkin. I don't give a **** who is centering him in Winnipeg and he has 25. Again, why trade a guy that has chemistry for a guy that might not get it with Malkin and give up a top prospect as well as a 40-goal scorer? Kane is a tremendous player, one I'd love to have in Pittsburgh. However, Pittsburgh could lose alot here and its all based on chemistry. We heard Ponikarovsky would go wild in Pittsburgh with Crosby or Malkin. He was a bust. No chemistry whatsoever.

People have is uncanny ability to come out and say if XXX (pick your 20-goal scorer on an average team with an average center) were traded to Pittsburgh and were put with Crosby or Malkin, they would all the sudden become a 35-40 goal scorer. It doesn't work that way.

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