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02-10-2013, 01:36 PM
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Well whether or not the extra $50 is worth it is up to you. The weight and balance on both are absolutely astounding. The M3 II is perhaps the lightest and best balanced stick out there at the regular $150 pricepoint. What makes the M5 II a 'step up' is in addition to weight, you get a performance increase. The big thing about the M5 II is that it is built to stronger specifications, thus being very durable. It's heritage comes from the old Easton ST generations but at a reduced weight; it's supposed to be the same weight as the 2011 flagship Mako.

If you have some extra cash floating around or need the extra durability, I would go M5. If not or if you don't break sticks often, the M3 is an excellent choice.

This entire Mako II line has been amazing; the M1 II and M2 II also feel like the lightest and best balanced sticks in their respective pricepoints. However, there hasn't been enough feedback and I haven't shot with them personally, so I don't know how well they perform. Only going by weight and balance.

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