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02-10-2013, 01:40 PM
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What the Leafs did to the Habs yesterday (minus the extra-curricular activities) is what we had to suffer through 6 times last season thanks to the Big Bad Bruins. I personally don't have much hate for the Habs (absolutely despise Sens and Bruins), so I do hope they bounce back. However, this is the truest test of how strong your team is as a unit and how strong they are mentally. Last season, these embarrassing losses took apart my Leafs. We looked completely defeated in every match up vs the Bruins.

If the Habs can fight back and gain some pride in themselves, they will do just fine, BUT if they play scared and hesitant then you guys will be in for one hell of a season. Leafs were mentally ****ed last season thanks to the Boston beat-downs, and we had to see them suffer through it embarrassingly for the entire season. Now, with that said, I really enjoyed being on the opposite side of a beat-down for once. The Leafs don't play dirty, if anything we get into useless fights and play passively. I was 100% shocked and pleasantly surprised at the bully attitude my team showed yesterday. Last season, this game would've been a snooze fest by the end of the 2nd.

It's nice to see some emotion between the Leafs and Habs. At the end of the day these are professional athletes playing for pride, money and for the love of the game. I think fans have the full rights to get POed when the team plays like ****, however, keep in mind that these players get over it the next day (it's their job). Why should we consume our lives with hatred and frustrations over people and outcomes we have no control over?

Anyways, I look forward to our next match up, hopefully it will be just as nasty with a more balanced effort on both sides. Blowouts aren't that fun to watch anyways . We are the class franchises of the NHL, let's show the League why that is.

Good Luck till our next matchup! Hopefully, we'll both still be in playoff contention by that point.

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