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02-10-2013, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
Your pretending that nothing is flawed when we win is just as bad as those who see nothing good in our play when we're losing.
I am absolutely not doing that- its just not true- when we were 1-2-3, did you see me posting nothing but positive, sunshine-pumping, stuff? No, I did not.

Like you and many others, I am worried about our offense, puck possession and breakout. I have said so many, many times. It is probably going to be an issue for us all year. But we have been much, much better offensively the past few games, and once again, people were making the same dire predictions at this time last year, and we wound up just fine.

I guarantee you I am more balanced in my commentary than many, many people on here. I am not talking about you here, but if all you see are negatives when we are sitting here at 5-2-4, with points in all but 2 games, then they are the ones who are not balanced in their commentary. If we stink, I will say so, but we have absolutely NOT stunk this year. We've got flaws like every team, but we have had a very good start.

But what we have seen so far this year, in many ways, IS Predators hockey- we are never going to have a high scoring, puck dominating offense like the Kings or other teams have. What we have is a great, great defensive system and and elite goaltender- and that has carried us to a great start to this season. As I have said before, if we start stinking, I will be right on here saying we stink.

But I will continue to call out anyone who can only see negatives when we are off to a great start against a brutal schedule.

Finally, I keep hearing people saying things like "Vanek" outscores us by himself- can anyone tell me what Buffalo's record is?? That's right, its worse than ours- those individual stats mean nothing. I don't care if he has 20 goals- we have a better team than his- period.

And, people are now moaning about our PP- I'm sure you would all love to have guys like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, etc- right? Well, they are #26 in the league in PP, 5 spots behind ours- its called perspective- get some, people.

What I find funny about this back and forth, is I am actually a pessimistic sports fan by nature- my friends and family always give me grief about it. But on this Preds board, which I still say is one of the most negative boards I have ever seen, I am seen as a sunshine pumper- hilarious......

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