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02-10-2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
Your just making up crap to stir **** up .

Rask would have signed with us and the reason the B's wanted him was he was always the better prospect compared to Pogge .

JFJ was a brutal GM and got bent over in this and the Tosk trade . Raycroft was the B's 3rd string goalie at the time of the trade and i have no idea why JFJ paid the price he did .

Also JFJ only wanted to go the full rebuild route once his retool of a 100 pt team turned to crap , the guy was a failure and deserved to be fired . Peddie never interfered with his day to day moves and JFJ stated this in an article that has been posted here countless times in past threads .
At the signing of Fletcher MLSE admitted JFj came to the board with a rebuild plan and the board said that was not to be allowed that he had to make the playoffs. Seems JFj understood better than Burke what had to be done. Too bad Burke wasted those years trying for his quick fix.

Also, the Bruins wanted to team Rask up with their other Finnish keeper, who they thought was the real deal.

The 197475 season saw another change to its playoff system to accommodate the league of 18 teams, twelve of which qualified for the playoffs. The top team from each division would earn a bye to the quarterfinal, while the second- and third-place teams from each division started their playoff run from a best-of-three preliminary round.
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