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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
am i forgetting things... what did dunham do in international competition? (legit question, not being snarky.)

i remember him on the stacked '92 WJC team, where the ferraro twins were the stars, outshining tkachuk, rolston, lachance, pat peak, ryan sittler, and a bunch of other high picks.

some minor league journeyman who was never heard from again was the surprise star goalie on the '92 olympic team, right?

and then when i think of the other high moments in team USA history during dunham's career, it's richter in '96 and '02.

as i recall, dunham set records at maine and was extremely highly touted. to the point where i think people were expecting dunham, not brodeur (who was a first round pick), to be the guy for the devils over the next decade. but i don't want take anything away from dunham's college heroics, but that maine team was a powerhouse, led by paul kariya having the greatest college hockey year ever. maine had six of the top ten scorers in hockey east and won almost every game.

i don't know the real story but according to wikipedia there was controversy about the stackedness of that team:

in their ridiculous NCAA championship year at maine, it should also be noted that dunham had fewer wins in more games played than fellow US goalie and future NHL journeyman garth snow.

which is all to say that it seems like if you add up dunham's unspectacular NHL career with the international and college play that i remember (holding out for the possibility that he did some crazy things at the WC that i don't remember), hebert with his multiple fringe vezina finishes and casey with that one playoff run are ahead of dunham given that they all stuck in the NHL for roughly the same amount of time.
Was the goalie for the 1992 WJC where the US got their second medal ever and a surprise medal at that, only losing in the tourney to eventual winner CIS. Played in several Olympics helping win a silver in one, few awards in the AHL, first US goalie to win the Jennings trophy (kind of bogus I know). First you can't suck and be chosen for the US national team and he was chosen regularly for Team USA for the Olys and WC, WJC.

Again, he isn't anything special but considering the amount of US goalies, he is up there....for now.

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