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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
This is the kind of hindrance and mistake that the Leafs continually repeat over and over and over and over and over...

"Oh. It's just an extra million! We're rich. It's okay that you confused 'negotiation' for 'give-away free money', Mr. Phaneuf. Almost every other player does it, too. Enjoy the extra money not correlated to performance, Mr. Phaneuf!"

Signing players to bargain deals that are apart of your core and who presumably want to be in Toronto IS the goal. No more obfuscation.
It's the goal doesn't mean it's the case of reality. Detroit an organization that prides themselves that players will take discounts to play there had to resort and started the trend of circumventing the cap to keep it's best players intact. Your dealing with peoples livelihood here my dear friend it's easy to say what you say but it's not as simple as that, the lockout is proof players want to get payed no different then you and I with our own jobs. Would you take a pay cut to stay at your job?

The cap is at 64 million next year if your team has CAP issues at 60 million + your mistakes aren't at the money given to your best players That's where the money should be going. The Leafs are actually one of the few teams that have managed there cap properly with the allowance of fixing mistakes by being none committed to those stupid long term deals if you care to notice. There's not one player out there they lost out in due to the cap nor have they've been forced to lose a player due to the cap. Where this notion of continued mistakes on the cap comes from isn't true... Just because Burke's UFA signings didn't pan out on the ice doesn't = cap problems there 2 different things.

Phaneuf should be payed period same with Kessel. They're 2 of the teams best players young enough to be here long term... If you don't pay them then who will you pay and what will the cost be in replacing them cause if the thought is prospects and picks in return will be a guaranteed replacement you got another thing coming.

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