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02-10-2013, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by rdawg1234 View Post
I was under the assumption that the LA pick they got was for last years draft, someone can correct me on that though.

CLB badly needs those picks anyway, an extremely barebones team minus two high-end d-men(JJ and Ryan Murray.) Basically the maple leafs from 07-09.

Looking more and more like Washington ends up bottom 5, nothing going well there. But no way does Philly stay low, they're back on track now, NYR as well will be much higher.

IMO bottom 5 will be:
1) CLB(no brainer)
2) Calgary(they look terrible)
3)Washington(wildcard but they look terrible right now)
4) Florida(system not working very well)
5) NYI(Just lost 4 in a row)

Edmonton will be close afterwards in the 5-10 range. Starting to not really see the leafs being around here.
Calgary without Kipper is bottom 5. With him they didn't actually look all that bad. In fact they actually looked quite competitive at points. Flat out dominated Chicago in the game they lost in OT to them.

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