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Originally Posted by Skidooboy View Post
1.Buff and Estrome.

Eveyone taks about how Buff is devvensivly a liability bbut Enstrome covers up for him.
But I have been watching every game this season and to me it looks like Enstrome is really struggling at both ends of the Ice without Buff. I think it shows that Enstrom benefits fro the time and space that is generated for him by Buffs presence.
other teams are forced to comit 2 guys to Buff (or atleast 1 1/2) and Toby is given extra time and space as a result. Toby seems to really struggle and make horrible decisions with his passing at both ends of the ice when under pressure. He also needs to grow a set and shoot the puck more. even with all the points he gets he makes horrible decisions.

Net result is we win more with Buff than without and that trend seems to be continuing. I worry about Toby's play and despite his scoring, I think he costs us more than he gives us when Buff isn't around to relieve the pressure.
The way I look at it is they compliment each other. Your thoughts are exactly why I see Enstrom needs Byfuglien, and there are reasons why I think Byfuglien needs Enstrom. Looking at the last 3 seasons, both have done better together than apart:

Together they outscore opponents in a ratio of 54.1%
Apart Enstrom gets outscored with a ratio of 43.4% and Byfuglien 48.9%

Ebony and Ivory

I'll disagree with the Kane comment and semi-agree with Redmond comment

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