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02-10-2013, 02:15 PM
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Jets Defense

Funny how things work. When Byfuglien went down, having already started the season without Bogosian we pained about how woefully thin we were depth-wise defensively. These 2 things have almost been a blessing in disguise as we saw the emergence of Postma and Redmond with the big club.

Postma has shown some very slick ability with the puck, and some real improvement already wrt using his stick and being in good position in the defensive zone. As a matter of fact I have been pretty satisfied with his defensive play, considering he is an offensive minded rookie. He has a knack for using his wheels to get the puck out of trouble and I expect his play on the defensive side of the puck to continue to improve.

Redmond has been a real pleasant surprise for me. This guy has no fear. I would be absolutely crapping my pants if I was called up to the NHL. Not this kid. All he does is play big minutes, make good decisions and passes, and even has the confidence to jump up in the play on the PENALTY KILL to score a goal. I see him as a very well rounded guy who could probably stand to gain a few pounds and get a bit nastier to really become a great bottom 4 defenseman.

So this is all fine and well, but what do we do as an organization, both short term and over the next 1-2 seasons after this? (before the coming of Trouba)

I do not believe that Jacob Trouba will be a Jet next year. There is no reason to rush him, and by all accounts, he would like to stay in school a bit longer so I say leave him for at least next year as well. So, what do we do?

Enstrom - Byfuglien
Hainsey - Bogosian
Stuart - Postma
Clitsome - Redmond

That, for my money is a top tier defense. However, what do we do for the rest of this year and beyond?

- This year, I know my first instinct, and what you guys might be screaming for as well is to waive Clitsome and keep Redmond and Postma. This worries me. What happens if we do this, lose Clitsome to waivers and get banged up on D again. Remember, neither of our top 3 have been exactly rugged the past 2 years. We may be able to find help through a waiver claim or free agency, but having a guy who knows the system, is known by the team and coaches is really a plus. Clitsome also has been playing progressively better of late and actually has kind of a bomb from the point (when he gets it on).

As much as it pains me, I would send Redmond down. He is exempt from waivers, so he's the only real option.

- Next year, it would be tempting to let Hainsey walk, and have Redmond and Postma up. However, Clitsome's contract is expiring, so I think we let him go to free agency. To me, this is a very interesting scenario for the Jets. Hainsey has a bad rep with some around here, but people who like statistics and facts to back up opinon know he has filled in admirably in the absence of Bogo and Buff, and is a very nice #4. However, with teams trying to get cap compliant over the off season, there might be some nice D men come available. If we are making the playoffs, I think we need to keep Ron around. You don't sacrifice the revenue and experience of a playoff run for a draft pick, that isn't common sense. I know it's "Hockey's Future" and all, and draft picks are gold dubloons, but believe it or not, there are things that are more important.

What do you guys think? How does our D stack up now against the rest of the league? What should we do short/ mid term with our corps?

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