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07-06-2006, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
X-Bob, it's not that he's not physical, he also;

1. Lacks a good first or second step
2. His skating is shifty, but seriously lacks any speed
3. He failed MISERABLY to step up when Koivu went down, something you'd expect a #2 man to do for a short period of time.
4. A a lack of commitment to off-ice training, he hasn't improved his overall strength at all.
5. If you notice, a majority of offensive plays end with him being pushed off the puck and the opposing team with puck posession
6. Seems to mouth off to the media
7. Does not seem to be liked by many of him teammates, we need less clicks in the dressing room.
8. His soccer style injury in the Bruins series a few years back was classless, below the standards of this orginization.
9. His defensive coverage is horrible

I could go one.......

He supposedly redeeming quality is his vision and passing, but unless he can pass like Gretzky or Adam Oates, the negative parts of his game outweigh his only positive attribute by a country mile.

So tell me what is there to like about another season of his lack of preperation and dedication to the game, his teammates and the orginization.
I'm not trying to come up with excuses for Ribeiro, as I feel he had an average season last year, but I think people here are beating his flaws to death and in some cases overexaggerating.

1 & 2: Sure he isn't a fantastic skater, but he never was and it shouldn't be expected of him.

3: If I remember correctly, the ENTIRE TEAM (except for Kovalev from time to time) just crumbled after Saku's injury.... I was actually surprised those 4 losses to Carolina were as close as they were considering no forward outside of Plekanec/Perezhogin played with any consistency

4: I agree... I don't know what he does, but adding a few pounds would help.

5: His offense lies in the 'high risk/high reward' category. He'll turn over the puck often, but when his plays do work, he often ends up setting someone up pretty nicely.

6: the same old hockey quotes you hear from everyone else 'yeah, we need to go out there and work hard and hope for the bounces...'.. ugghhh.. most hockey interviews are so boring...

7: I don't think you can know this unless you are inside the locker room yourself...

8: GET OVER THIS... it happened over two years ago!!!

9: If you were watching, his defensive coverage was improving in the last 3rd of this past season... if he improved his upper body strength a bit (see #4) I think it would make him even more effective... all, we could pick apart ANY player in this way but for some reason it always seems to fall on Ribeiro..... its too bad...

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