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02-10-2013, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsawce View Post
I have no problem with the loss, and don't usually expect a great game vs. Toronto. Montreal always seems to play bad and Toronto play well when they meet.

One loss does not make a season thats for sure. However, I do have a problem with Orr running people in a 6-0 game and the Grabovski bite. Those are simply unacceptable moves and clear intent to injure. Just don't like it.

No sour grapes on the loss though, it's a game and these things happen. I just hope the league, or Carlyle or someone talks to these guys and tells them that this is not going to be accepted.
Your tough guy went after Grabo, our tough guy went after Gionta and Plek. Neither are excusable, but at some point you have to get over it. All players made out safe and alive.

I'm not defending Grabo's actions in any way. I personally don't think he bit Pac, but if he did bite him, its not as big of a deal people are making it out to be. As for Orr going after Plek, I wasn't at the game, I didn't see what caused that to happen. I've seen every Leaf game for the past 8 years though and trust me, Orr does not play dirty. He honors the game just as much as the next guy. That said, I've never seen him charge at a player like he did yesterday, something probably did tick him off. All in all, none of the actions were excusable. But I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

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