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02-10-2013, 02:36 PM
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Just got back into town...

Heard part of the Ottawa game; our defence must have forgotten when the game was. I turned the radio on at 740, it was 2-0 (Ottawa just scored). Then, as they announce that goal, it's 3-0. Turned radio off, had to eat dinner. Come back and it's 4-2 Ottawa. Okay, manageable. Come back later and it's 7-5? I don't even want to know.

One thing I don't get, and this is a personal preference thing, is why does Miller call the fights so generic? For instance, the Percy fight in Ottawa:


There'll be a stoppage in play here. We want to tell you about (insert sponsor here) and that during this stoppage in play, Percy and Van Stralen have decided to drop the mitts. Percy...and Van Stralen. Percy, just called up from LaSalle, is a 19-year old kid who hasn't had much time in the OHL so far. Van Stralen is a veteran of the 67s. Percy......and Van...Stralen. They're going at it on the ice. They'll each get 5 for fighting....Percy...and....Van....Stralen.


It's almost as if he's told not to describe the fight. I miss Beller calls

Caught the first period against Kingston on the radio. Missed the entire second period.

The Bowen/Hutchinson fight - it's a clear rule, you cannot fight at the start of the period. Not surprised they were tossed. Wait a shift, come out, then do your thing. It's not difficult.

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