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02-10-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
so you do understand

if you offered me 100,000 kronars to work for you but I wanted 150,000 kronars I would not be inclined to work for you nor interested in working(or signing a contract) for/with you unless you ceded to my wishes and paid me 150,000

if you agreed to pay me 150,000 kronars then I would be interested, inclined because then you would be paying me what I believed I was worth and not what you thought I was worth

difficult concepts I know, but work with me here, everyone else gets it
I really don't know what you're on about.

The onus is on you to provide proof to back up your initial claim. I have a sneaking suspicion no proof exists because it sounds like pretty hefty BS.

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