Thread: News Article: Bruins reflect on Tim Thomas
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02-10-2013, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by finchster View Post
Packers tight end Mark Chmura refused to meet Clinton because of Ďmoral objectionsí (pot calling the kettle black) and recently Scott Jassen of the 1985 Chicago Bears refused to meet Obama for political reasons and we all know the Red Sox. Not to mention all the snubs other presidents received from athletes and celebrities due to "scheduling conflicts" (five NASCAR drivers in 2010). Thomas choose to go public, freedom of speech doesnít mean freedom from consequences, so I donít sympathize with his plight. However, I stated I understand why someone would do what he did and others before him. Iím Canadian, I donít have a dog in this fight so his politics are irrelevant to me. [/stops replying to this thread and means it this time]
I couldn't recall who did what or when (so thank you for the reminder), I am sure there are others too. However, it was only Theo from the Red Sox who was the GM, not any players and he didn't make any facebook remarks or public statements, it went unnoticed....(queue liberal media conspiracy comments)

My only point in this, is because Thomas made it public, he has to bear the consequences of his actions. That's it... Say whatever you want... we have that right but with that right comes criticism.

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