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02-10-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
so you do understand

if you offered me 100,000 kronars to work for you but I wanted 150,000 kronars I would not be inclined to work for you nor interested in working(or signing a contract) for/with you unless you ceded to my wishes and paid me 150,000

if you agreed to pay me 150,000 kronars then I would be interested, inclined because then you would be paying me what I believed I was worth and not what you thought I was worth

difficult concepts I know, but work with me here, everyone else gets it
I think what he is saying is that Tukka Rask had no interest signing with the Leafs at the time.

Then when questioned qualified that by saying Tukka Rask had no interest signing with the Leafs at the time unless they overpaid for him.

It's the same thing except the second time he/she went into more detail...

Splitting statements up into finite conclusions based on passing thoughts will really degrade anyone's point into a pointless conversation.

Who cares if within 3 mins of talking he/she goes on to further explain where they are coming from?

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