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02-10-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
Enstrom, Buff, Bogo, Redmond and Postma are relevant to the Jets blue-line development. I think Redmond may make Postma redudant. Postma has more offence but not by a lot and Redmond is better defensively. Redmond stays and Postma gets packaged with _____ for _____? I dunno if that happens. But having Redmond and Postma is a happy dilemna to have.

The resident statiticians on here have shown Hainsey to be more than effective as a #4 and good back fill for when our big beasts go down. At the same time, he is, at his current rate, overpaid for what he does for the Jets. Also he is the easiest of all our RHD to replace. I think he gets dealt for following reasons:

1. Likely highest trade value at deadline

2. Not sure if Chevy talks extensions during the season so, if not, then no way of actually knowing what Hainsey's intentions are. Feel its better to secure an additional pick that play him out and wonder maybe he signs/maybe he doesn't.

3. First off-season under new CBA. Last time(s) there was lockout there was a lot of activity in first off season under new CBA as teams re-calibrated their rosters and payrolls. shows a modest amount of d-men headed to FA this summer but may increase with buyouts/waivers/trades etc. I think Jets can replace any personnel loss on the blue-line with a FA signing.

If we do not move him at deadline I would wait until at least Jul1 or 2 to extend to survey the FA landscape first.


He's gone. Don't think he's part of future plans and is low end 6th d-man currently.

Just my $0.02
I agree but two small corrections, which really don't change any of the meat or potatoes of your comments...

Hainsey is a LHD, but of our D he has the most experience in playing his offside, which is why currently he's been playing on the right side with us down to only 2 RHD (add versatility to his resume).
Hainsey isn't technically over paid this season as he's receiving 3mil which is fairly comparable to most 2nd pairs signed in the last two off-seasons, and probably pretty similar to what an extension or replacement would cost.

But, as I said, doesn't change any of the meaning to any of your statements

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