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07-06-2006, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
X-Bob, it's not that he's not physical, he also;

1. Lacks a good first or second step
2. His skating is shifty, but seriously lacks any speed
We all know that RIbs isn't the quickest skater around. It's a little bit too late for him to imrpove on his speed but many players have excelled at hockey without necessarly having a great foot speed. Jason Allison comes to mind.

3. He failed MISERABLY to step up when Koivu went down, something you'd expect a #2 man to do for a short period of time.
When Koivu went down, it wasn't only up to Ribs to pick it up. Many players on the team weren't producing offensivly. It's harder for young players to take the load on their backs after their captain goes down. That's one of the reasons why I beleive that we need another top 6 consistant veteran (like Shanahan) on our team but that's another subject.

4. A a lack of commitment to off-ice training, he hasn't improved his overall strength at all.
Ribeiro has come a long way from his debut with the Habs back when he got drafted. He has matured (yes he has) consistantly every season. Once again, he isn't the only hockey player with below average strenght. There are some very usefull hockey players who compensate their below-average strenght with their passing and vision skills. Ribeiro is one of them IMO.

5. If you notice, a majority of offensive plays end with him being pushed off the puck and the opposing team with puck posession
The other poster said it well.

6. Seems to mouth off to the media
At least he speaks his mind. Talking to the media isn't always the best of solutions but up to now he hasn't really said anything surprising.

7. Does not seem to be liked by many of him teammates, we need less clicks in the dressing room.
Like who? He had that one incident with Koivu but since then there has been nothing.

8. His soccer style injury in the Bruins series a few years back was classless, below the standards of this orginization.
Faking injuries to draw penalties happens all the time in sports (hockey, soccer) He took a bullet for the team when they needed it the most. It was disgracefull though.

9. His defensive coverage is horrible
Thsi si a little due to his lack of bodie strenght. It isn't has bad as it used to be though.

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