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Better Intuative Dynamic Analysis applied to the line combonations I see here, excellent moves. Very nice example of pro-active planning and adjustments.

Hall and Hemmer are going to dominate, they need to use just two basic plays and hammer them home all night long, maybe for fun they should decide to feed Gagner the puck all night long for 60 mins non-stop because those two are such fast dominant players they can seriously provide Gagner with one quality high percentage shot on net every possesion. This line could be a sleeper if they work together because they have dominant speed and 3 shooters who know how to spread defenses open.

Yakupov is going to see what it is like to be on a line with a player like Ebbs who can force defenses to react to him and what it is like to play with a pure passer like Nuge, Nuge will put the puck on Yakupovs stick in places no one else can put it, now its Yakupov who will need to try to keep up to RNHs speed of thinking and reacting.
Eberle is a very underrated passer and if he and Nuge get Yakupov rocking anything can happen today. I see some serious chemistry potential here that we may have overlooked this year.

The 3rd line will score today , that line is a nice mix of size speed and truculence. They will not be denied because they keep it simple and work hard.

Hopefully J.Schultz keeps getting the greenlight for all 60 mins because his threat really breaks teams down and forces them to react. Knowing he is sniping from out there seems to break teams spirits somehow.

Lets see Halls onetimers off of Hemmer passes from behind the net, lets see Gagner re-directing some sweet Hall passes into the open back-door.

Lets see Yakupov being keyed on for 60 full mins by Nuge and Ebbs, the Kid might have a record night with them.

Lets see MPS and Harti keep giving us a preview of our future third line and lets see Magnus keep driving to the net through guys instead of around them he is getting stronger by the month it seems and really maturing. Lets see Harti staying active with the puck and wreaking havoc in the middle and the front of the net.

Lets see Chabot do his job and help Dubby figure out how and why the current system execution is exposing him to the mid range wristers while he is down on his knees for the last 7 or 8 games. either we adjust the defense or we adjust Dudby but we need to get on it ASAP as they will target this area early and often as it is a system generated weak spot.

I say we blow them out 7-3.

We need to focus on scorng a greasy net front hard work goal very early and until we get the first goal we need to stay focused on those net front scrambles. We need to earn the right to put the pedal down and open it up offensively by scoring the first goal the traditional greasy way. But once we have the lead we need to open it up 100% and go for the kill immediatly, if they tie us then its back to the greasy work till we earn the chance to open up again, we dont keep the pedal down if they tie it up, we adjust to the dynamics as they happen.

Lets see some fast shots, some onetimer redirections, scoop shots into the back door open net type of shot selections. Maybe tonight we can assign a forward with a very heavy slapshot to blast em at the crossbar from the middle all night to keep the goalie awake, just one guy all night and just from the middle as he slides eastéwest, never as he is stopped because that results in shot blocks that go the other way naturally. The key is just one guy all night to draw the tender into a pattern that might become useful late in the game when he is tired and worn down and we can catch him cheating a little.

Magnus needs to key on working off of Hartis ability to tie the puck up on the half-boards, he needs to take those pucks from harti and drive those three steps to the net and drive the puck in using low shots and his speed and size. Bellanger will always be dropping back to cover defensively so MPS and Harti are free to attack , as soon as MPS takes the puck and drives the net Harti has to recover and explode in behind him because Magnus will be shooting low to leave sympathetic rebounds for his support, so it is critical that Harti come off the half- boards as fast as he can right behind Magnus who will be driving the net every time.

If Hall lets Gagner pressure the middle and comes in as an upspeed support man and goes to the back door just as hemmer is rounding the net we will see fireworks because the tender will be forced to watch Hall
screaming in at the back door and this will open up the shot for hemmer short side as he comes round the net every rush, Halls speed will force the goalie to cheat or get burned. If a d-man comes up and Hall stays back twenty feet so he can come in late this line could be lethal all night long. Just pound it into the back door for 60 minutes with gagner in front trying to get the first deflection if hemmer passes before he rounds the net and hall covering the back door as an upspeed man if it slips by Gagner. Just this one play repeated is worth at least two goals over 60 mins from this line.
Go Oilers !!!

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