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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Didn't I already qualify for the CWC? Three teams ahead of me in the league finished ahead of me in the NC. I'm in fourth of the remaining NC teams. Fakeballers would have to pass a team in front of me to knock me out. I think....?
Looks like that's accurate. Although the Fakeballers finished ahead of you in the NC, so it'd have to be someone along the lines of redcard taking away a ChL spot from Arlington or the High Headerz. Corona has clinched a top 5 spot and is only 3 points away from clinching a top 4 spot. It does look like things may get a little interesting in 5th-7th though.

I still want to add a CM. I'll hopefully do a much better job with that purchase
I added a CD prospect today. He's tied for lowest OR on my team currently. However, if the qualities in chat are accurate, then he'll become my top EQ player. I have some CD prospects that I can probably sell now as well, so that should help recoup some of the funds spent.

I'm still looking for an impact forward, but they seem to be going for just out of my budget. I do expect to be a major player in an auction prior to the beginning of next season.


This seems like a good place to mention that USA I.1 is currently 14th in average OTR. Canada I.1 doesn't crack the top 20 in OTR, but does have 3.5B between its teams for 1st among leagues.

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