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12-17-2003, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by serum114
Hey there,

With all the hubub and Comrie hating going on amidst Oilers fan these days, I thought it would be worthwhile to pop in and let you guys know you got one heck of a good hockey player.

Before the messy hold out, Comrie was revered in Edmonton (likely why the bitterness is so fierce) because his size doesn't translate into him playing small. He's a gritty and fierce competitor, he loves to win, he scores timely goals and he doesn't shy away when the going gets rough.

That, and he has sick skill.

He's a great player and you guys will be happy with him. I personally think the price paid was a touch steep (the extra 3rd didn't seem entirely necessary) however, as an Oilers fan, I'm not complaining.

Although, Comrie signed, in camp and lighting it up in Edmonton would have been my resolution of choice...
I appreciate that. I didn't know much about the guy before. I heard a lot of negative things as to his defense, but everything else seems to point to a gritty player. I can't see a player like that not trying to play defense. I've seen Woywitka play some and he is no slouch himself. He hits and skates well. He's defensively sound. I haven't seen much offense from him so I'm guessing he's been molded into the stay at home type defenseman. A solid player who is only 19. As for the draft picks, Clark always seems to have plenty. Good luck and cheers