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02-10-2013, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
You might be right, but this probably isn't the time to be too harsh on a guy who just got us a shutout.
Looking on the optimistic side, last year might have been a potential breakout year for Monyoya, prior to the concussion, and 26 isn't too old for a goalie to break out. We're still waiting for it to happen to Pavs, at the age of 25.
Don't see what I wrote as harsh. His role on this team is back up goalie. In that role he is performing well.

But it's not like 'working on his rebounds' is going to straighten him out. He's been working on his rebounds since before he was drafted. Three NHL clubs have put a fair bit of effort and resources into straightening out that aspect of his game. The number of hours he's spent working on his rebounds may very well exceed the number of hours any one poster on this board has spent on the ice in their entire life. And he's not even close to being done working on his rebounds because he'll be working on them until the day he retires.

But despite the effort he puts into them, it's very likely they will always be a problem for him and it's a bit silly to think it's just a matter of him having to work on them.

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