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02-10-2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Tintin's Ghost View Post
I'm in agreement that Scheifele could use some time in St. John's if it keeps on the upward trajectory of development. Jets picked him high so should invest a lot of time and resources.

However, if after a couple of years in the AHL, he tops out as a 3rd line C then scouting and/or player development requires a kick in the arse and change in philosophy. Scheif needs to be at least a top tier 2nd line C to justify his draft position. That much is on TNSE as much as Scheif. They gotta create a successful environment for Scheif to flourish.

On that note, TNSE needs to take a look at the massive pile of indifference and under-performance that is slowly accumualting on the Rock. If the stories about Macho are true then ffs move him for another warm body and keep the bitterness away from Scheif and Lowry.
* a draft pick never needs to justify their draft position as they are not the ones that chose themselves; they just need to justify themselves as a player and a contributing member of the team's benefice
* a scouting department doesn't need to justify one pick as a lot of the draft is a crapshoot, BUT they should constantly and consistently be looking at the draft/develop process as a whole and always be looking to improve

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