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Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
Seems to me this thread is based on nothing but 'rumours'. Firstly, unless you are the one in the trenches and involved in league discussions its probably best to keep your gossip to yourself. Secondly, the EOJHL and Jr B in general have come a long way from the 'beer league' image of the past. That is largely due to the commitment and efforts of people who want to see it grow and thrive as a quality league for developing young players. Everyone has put forth ideas and options of ways to do that not just Mr. McRostie. You have just chosen to attack him based on "gossip".

Like all organizations not everyone agrees on how things should be run and the EOJHL, CCHL GOJHL are no different. Sadly, people (on boards like this) take little bits of information and turn it into gossip and then spread it like crap over a corn field. If you want to do something constructive with these discussions get the facts first and try to be intelligently objective - or in plain english "look at the bigger picture".

There is no reason why any junior league shouldn't continuously work to improve the hockey experience for players and fans. The majority of the JrB teams have evolved from community based, volunteer run organizations to privately owned businesses. That alone can create some issues with basic survival, but the teams know the end result is to maintain a good level of Junior hockey and work together to achieve that. Most people have no idea what's involved in running a team, let alone a league, but they have plenty to say on here. It's a huge challenge year after year to meet the needs of every team.

The bottom line is players who come through the Junior B leagues are heading in all different directions. Some have aspirations of going on to higher levels and some just want to play at a quality level while they finish college/university staying relatively close to home. Whatever their reasons, Jr B teams have a continuous battle with trying to adapt their teams, sustain financial viability and support growth in the league, while still taking into account the needs of all young players and their hockey experience.

I say good on some people in the EOJHL for realizing they need to work toward the long-term future of the league. They don't have time for childish mud slinging on chat boards
Clearly you have taken this personally and being as it is your first post you are more than likely involved heavily with the league. The entire point of this board is for people to share so called 'gossip' that they hear. Which more often than not has some truth to it and often comes true. If you do not like what is being said then maybe you should not read it...

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