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02-10-2013, 05:52 PM
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With 55 players tested 4 wins and 3 losses SIMPSON will have made his choice now:

IMHO Many people in Switzerland could have made this players list before any test game based on NLA. With a few exceptions but otherwise the core is to everybody's knowledge. why lose time and not practice always with the bests with a few changes.
Make a SWISS B team and let them play other tournament see what comes out and who can make it to A team. The A team should always be at the moment's possible best like in football.

Why it is not like this,is also to everybody knowledge: You can't indispose the clubs by taking their players for Skoda cup,Deutschland,Cup,Arosa Challenge,etc.. or how this imho insignificant tournament are called. You got the 7/8 games in April for the real preparation but even then some team are finishing PO.

Its all up to this "strange"calendar made up by the NLA and Swiss hockey.
Without the NT breaks and the stupid weeks with 1/2 games we could finish earlier relocate 1 or 2 of this tournament to April then start the real preparation. Polish the teams in last prep game and then go to WC.

in this context:

PATRICK BERGERON ON l'ANTI CHAMBRE in hockey programme).

quote him: In LUGANO a heavy weak was a 3 games weak. GENERAL LOL on the plateau. Thanks for reminding us of the ineptitude's of the NLA bosses in some areas. Too much practice and not enough real thing is one of the defect of Swiss hockey system.

anyway my list:




JULIEN SPRUNGER will not play NT this year also he is 1.O3 PPG second best Swiss after BRUNNER.

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