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02-10-2013, 05:55 PM
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you can repeat the decrease in GDP all you want but as I already said that was because defense spending was 23% less than it was in the previous quarter. Unemployment can cause uncertainty in the market which can hurt the economy however as I also already said the uncertainty in the market is at its lowest point since 2002. That is not playing with statistics those are facts. A decrease in defense spending does not necessarily hurt the defense industry, if you look at the history of defense spending it drastically changes from one quarter to the next. A change of 15%+ is not out of the ordinary for the defense industry. While it may make GDP look worse it is normal for the defense companies who plan ahead since pretty much its all contracted work the companies know when they are getting paid and for how much.

The growth and strength of the economy is based on the growth and strength of the private sector, if you look at the private sector you will see for the most part companies are profitable and not only are they making money but they are making more money at a faster rate than they have historically. Companies have become a lot more efficient and have learned to have the same or greater output with less employees, increasing their bottom line. A business that used to need 100 employees to maximize profits can now do it with 90 employees causing unemployment to be higher but the business to be stronger.

The reason the economy is not growing as fast as people want it to is because of the amount of jobs that have been cut from the public sector (government) and the amount of cuts in government spending. If you only look at the private sector the economy is growing at a rate most people would find acceptable.

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