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02-10-2013, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
Who/what is Speedo? And good god you overrate Greening. Parading his 37 points as a 26 year old rookie isn't going to change anyone's mind about him. 37 points playing on a line with a top 5 scorer (and top 10 Dman) is actually pretty horrible. He played on a line where he would rarely handle the puck. That's the best place for him on a team because he's very poor with it on his stick. If he were even remotely as good as you perceive he'd be getting lots of top 6 minutes with our rather large deficiency in that area. But without a player like Spezza around, he can't be there. He's a good soldier and useful in a lot of roles but let's not just ignore that Erik Condra has gotten top 6 ice over him and we called up a 19 year old who wasn't exactly lighting up the Ahl to take to play ahead of Colin Greening in an offensive role.

He's a 3rd/4th liner and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just too bad that he neither brings much in terms of physicality, scoring or penalty killing in that role. He kind of reminds me of Shean Donovan in many ways in that he's less than the sum of his parts.
I'm not over rating Greening, I know he is what he is, but people here may want more from him than he is capable of giving. They lose by one goal & people make it sound like it's Greening's fault when it's the guys who are paid to score who are not scoring. Greening has already had a 37 pt season, Condra & Daugavins combined have not, he was also an allstar in his first yr the other two were not & he is also bigger, tougher, faster & stronger than both & so IMO worth so much more. He's a bottom 6 player who can move up & if you'll notice Maclean seems to use him in a lot of situations including in front of the net on the PP, he seems to think he is a decent player. Everybody loves Condra yet Greening gets **** on, I don't get it.

I'm just saying that Greenings combination of size, strength, speed & smarts are an asset to this team & why people **** on him for not scoring more is a little silly. He gets paid to reduce goals against & dig pucks out for the elite players, they are the ones who need to step up & start scoring, not Greening. IMO he does his job well.

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