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02-10-2013, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
He didn't fight but that wouldn't have happen with him out there. Everybody would have behaved.
Not necessarily. Komarov declined Prust, which led to Grabo inserting himself stupidly.

Who's to say that Laraque wouldn't have been on the bench, neutralizing him completely. Orr gets thrown out (or a pathetic double minor...****ing league), then what? Whoever he challenges, skates away since they aren't brave like our so called midgets. Even Lucy did. Multiple times. You could cheapshot our entire team as long as Laraque isn't on the ice. Then when he is on, he would HAVE to pull a Ryan White (I really hope that doesn't stick as a "thing") to be able to pummel anyone. OR, he would have to try to knee someone or smash their head in the ground (too slow for that). So many scenarios where other teams who have baby cats for players can avoid an actual heavyweight of ours.

Not saying we shouldn't consider it, just that we need to be prepared for the situation in which we get someone..."too good", that he never gets to exert his presence. And no, Laraque didn't prevent our guys from getting cheapshotted.

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