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02-10-2013, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Face81 View Post
You can sit anywhere, you have a great view no matter where you sit
That is pretty true about the Bell Center, but to be fair, the whites are quite different from the reds in terms of being close to the action. It's not like it looks the same. (Depending on row.)

All depends on what you budget is and unless this is your big splurge of the year, Stubhub will ruin you, as it has me and my desperation the past few years. So to that end, Face81 has a good point, but again, if you're coming all the way, totally depends what your priorities are.

What about this (fellow Habs fans):

Don't bother until it's very close to the game. I've noticed some great deals on the ticket vault ( closer to the games as ticket holders want to get rid of them more desperately. It's a gamble, but the worst that happens is that you end up buying tickets where you might otherwise have bought them in the whites or family zone. Molson Ex zone is more rowdy/exciting (I've been kind of annoyed at the fans in the red lately for not being as engaged as they used to...very Toronto-esque), but honestly we are good fans despite what you might hear - you won't be taunted or anything. Maybe abused for stealing McDo, but otherwise it should be fine.

I still do think something like Red C or Red D would be a good compromise.

It really sucks that you can somehow get single tickets, but not doubles together. Given that the seats are usually bought in pairs, are there people buying single seats all around the area? (Thus liberating only the corresponding single seat) Other possibility is that the single seats available are in odd number rows.

Hope you figure it out and enjoy MTL!

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