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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
there was more to it than just the partying that led to a completely different player on the ice. the Mike Richards we saw in in 2010 was not the same one we saw in 2011. He started acting like a spoiled baby to the media and gave up on many plays out on the ice. The partying lifestyle doesn't seem like it was made up by the media with all the stories about it.

I find it really hard to believe that you don't think anything was going on behind the scenes with Carter and Richards off the ice. If that wasn't the case, then there's no way both of them would have been traded. The Carter trade was an obvious one that was going to be made. He was expendable and had value, however, the moment the Richards trade is a different story. You don't just trade your captain and "star player" out of the blue for no reason.
A lot of the players you see the year after a Cup Finals run are often different. Check out Lindros' numbers in 1998. Go through almost every other team who lose in the Finals.

It's also quite possible that 2010 was a complete and utter mirage, as is also often with teams who lose in the Finals, but that didn't really manifest itself given that the Kings went on a tear in almost the instant they traded for Carter/

Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
Come on now, they'd have won it with or without him.
Not with Jarret Stoll as the 2nd line center. They don't even make the playoffs.

And no, they wouldn't take it back. They nearly traded Brown in favor of making Richards the captain.

Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
So what? The move singlehandedly put us in position for a stanley cup. The Ducks have Emerson Etem and Kyle Palmieri as a result of the 2 firsts we gave them.
No, it didn't. Firing John Stevens and replacing him with Lavy put us in position to win the Cup. They were a sinking ship before that. As fearless as Holmgren was getting Pronger, he was equally scared to fire Stevens, which should have happened first. It's easy to forget just how tenuous the team was before sneaking into the playoffs.

Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
You are right it could of been the difference that without that first we don't get Pronger, then we don't get to the SCF at all. We hardly ever add at the deadline, and don't swing it that we don't because we don't have the assets, we have more picks and more prospects we could trade if we wanted to. We are just not a team that makes moves at the deadline the moves we make are in the offseason.
Go through the prospect list in February of 2010, and tell me what types of NHL players you'd get with them. We had NOBODY, which is why everyone was asking for Giroux. They only got Leino because the Red Wings were about to waive him. They had to sign Lukas Krajicek off the street. You can't draft well without draft picks. You also can't make trades. It nearly worked, but it didn't.

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