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02-10-2013, 07:00 PM
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The Wings have a goalie surplus right now...

As it stands-
1. Howard
2. Mrazek
3. MacDonald (rehab)
4. McCollum
5. Pearce

When everyone is healthy-
1. Howard
2. Gustavsson (NHL backup)
3. MacDonald (NHL backup if Gustavsson is not healthy, not a lot of upside to having him in the AHL over younger prospects. He has already requested a trade this offseason)
4. Mrazek (Doubtful to stick longterm in Detroit this year, he should be playing everyday in the AHL)
5. McCollum (AHL backup behind Mrazek or maybe MacDonald although MacDonald seems the odd fit)
6. Pearce (Has spent sometime in the ECHL this year, I could see him going back down there. Although maybe McCollum goes to the ECHL and plays every day while Pearce backs up in the AHL)

I do not think it would be a big loss to lose MacDonald on waivers, mainly once Gustavsson gets healthy. I appreciate what he did last year, mainly his wins on our home winning streak but he has the skills to be an NHL backup and I hope he gets that chance. He had already requested a trade this offseason before his injury, the injury may scare other teams off via waivers.

Mrazek should play every day. He will be 21 next week and is only in his first pro season. It will help him in the long run to be starting in the AHL, if Howard goes down then give him some starts at the NHL.

I would put the odds at 20/80 against that McCollum ever sticks in the NHL and even lower for Pearce (10/90) to stick. They are fungible and a dime a dozen talents, meaning I wouldn't worry if they are forced to repeat in the ECHL or if they do not get decent time in deferece to Mrazek at Grand Rapids.

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