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02-10-2013, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
I agree with this assessment.

For reference to a different comment, here's a pic of how the aforementioned six-foot-four Dryden filled a net with his era's equipment...

I think Stamkos could find a place here and there to aim for...
Heres the thing... If you look at that picture, in today's goaltending world there's actually a lot of things wrong with that stance.

1. Dryden's blocker is too long in that picture, it overlaps with his pad, you won't see that with today's NHL goalie. Today's NHL goalie will have the arms tucked in, and the blocker over top of the pad showing zero overlap.

2. Dryden is bent forward way too much, if you look at any NHL goalie's stance today, they'd be standing a lot more upright, and therefore, take up more net by default.

3. Dryden is also standing wayyyy to deep in the crease by today's NHL standards. The thing is, back in the old days, the goalies mobility was no wear near today's level. In today's NHL the goalies probably have the best edgework of the entire team. With improved skating they can challenge the shooter and still recover to make a secondary save. If you move Dryden's position forward a few inches he will suddenly look a lot bigger.

4. I am actually surprised by the size of Dryden's pads in this picture. If you look at where it stands relative to his legs, it goes right about to the crotch area. So I don't even have to argue about that.

I know you are gonna argue that the chest protector and pants were a lot smaller. I agree with you there, today's chest protector and pants have ballooned in sizing. I will have to refer you to read the Steve Mason article I just posted in my last post for that.

If there is better technology so that the chest protector and pant sizing can be reduced without compromising safety, I am sure the goalies would be all for it. Problem is that that is not available right now.

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