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02-10-2013, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Rizzo90 View Post
this is complete & total hogwash & clearly comes from the "nbc" family of propaganda
Hockey is pretty much the only thing I watch on any Comcast channel.

What in there is incorrect?

Anybody can look at wall street and see companies are making money, yet unemployment is still high. You can also look at defense spending and see that it dropped considerably in the 4th quarter and if you look back at the past 10+ years you would see it fluctuates. Uncertainty in the stock market is a a calculable statistic. Anybody can look at government spending and see that it is decreasing and any one can look at the amount of government jobs and see that it is also decreasing. Pretty much everything I said can be backed up by statistics so how about you provide some actual evidence of me being incorrect, instead of assuming I am getting information from main stream media all of which has a bias.

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