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02-10-2013, 07:47 PM
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I've been giving the trade route a little thought,as a solution to building a bigger, stronger,skilled while still speedy team.I keep coming back to trading personnel for draft picks as the only solution.UFA's are costly and the Habs would have to make sure someone is off the books before signing a usually costly UFA.Trading a smaller veteran for a bigger player with likewise talent doesn't happen,so draft picks are the option left. This gives the team an opportunity to choose the type of player with the upside deemed necessary and the time to train the player.Without the Salary Cap coming into the equation until the player has reached or is reaching his potential.This of course depends also on the management feeling the same way as most of their fans about size and strength being important as well as talent and speed.Given that everyone is on the same page,then there is an opportunity to move ahead finally instead of spinning the Habs tires for another decade.There will be no quick fix for the Habs,if there is then I believe they are doomed to fail once again.That's going to be once too often for this old codger (almost 60) and much to my chagrin,hockey may as well just go the way of the Dodo bird as far as I'm concerned.Between the lockouts,failing franchises the refereeing and the backdoor Gifts that knowledgeable fans are more than aware of Jacobs,Burke,Bettman & Campbell,I had more than a gutful of your disrespectful Bull.

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