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Originally Posted by True Blue Bleed Blue View Post
Well I'd love to see it, only problem is the only ones I am familiar with are Hugh, Hollweg, and Greg Moore. Mind filling me on the others style of play?

No problem, I'll do my best.

Dubinsky, Dupont and Falardeau have a fair amount of grit to their game and do not shy away from the physical stuff.

Dubinsky was singled out in a poll that I saw about a year ago as the most annoying guy to play against in the WHL. Seen mainly as an agitator for most of his WHL career, Doobs has now filled out considerably and will likely play even more physically.

Dupont has had pretty good size for a few years now and has thrived in the WHL with his gritty play. Dupont centered a line with I think Andrew Ladd two years or so ago and started getting a rep then as a pretty hard nosed player. Of the two, Doobs has the better skill level, but Dupont seems to have a lot of heart which can never be underestimated.

One game I remember listening to a couple of years ago had these two going nose to nose all night long. The announcers kept commenting on how they were going at each other. Dupont was clearly the bigger player at the time, but they would seem to be pretty close now.

For his part, Falardeau has always been fairly physical. His size was more in abundance than his skill so there was little else for him to leverage into an advantage.

Lee's biggest rep was as more of a coachable player than a big grinder, but it would seem that his coaches have told him to point his game in a more physical direction.... and he's listened. From the little I have seen and most of what I've read his skating has improved quite a bit. He can keep up with the play much better and gets more and more involved physically. Spends more time driving the net and taking the body.

Falardeau is a good example of how if a guy has character, you can't just write him off. He contunues to improve.

Korpikosky has one word that seems to fit him best: RELENTLESS. I have seen barley anything of him, but from what I've read he's got a great work ethic. Shift in, shift out. Work, work, work. Not much of a banger as far as I know, but like Falardeau he has the rep of a player that takes direction well. He'll adapt a more physical edge to his game, I'm certain.

Graham. I watched a few of his games while he was in the Q and came away impressed more with his mobility and skill than his physicality. The guy is HUGE out there but I thought moved pretty well, big guy or no. Have never seen him lay anybody out as much as just grind it along the boards. Word was he did manage a pretty decent hit on Prucha last year in training camp. More of a skill player with size than a size player with skill IMO. It will be interesting to see how he develops this year if he can stay healthy.

Bahensky I know very little other than a few games that I've listened to. Seems to be a better than average skater with a fair bit of skill

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