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Originally Posted by 5RingsAndABeer View Post
Offense dries up in the playoffs. Teams are line matching hard and studying lots of game tape, which is why depth becomes so valuable in the playoffs relative to the regular season.

Karlsson is the kind of player that is more immune to those kinds of match-ups than others, by virtue of his position.

Yea, the Bruins won a cup. That doesn't mean that in every thread all of their players are individually better than other players who haven't won a cup. It's horrendous logic that seems to pervade nearly every sports discussion ever. Boston fans should know better, having seen Ray Bourque go cup-less for 21 seasons despite being one of the best players in the game.
Wait, Karlsson is immune to certain match-ups "by virtue of his position." Don't Chara and Weber play the same position?

Karlsson looked like a very good defensemen in the playoffs last season, but only contributed a single point. Certainly not a 'generational offensive defensemen' as I've heard him called over the past 12 months.

The physicality that Chara and Weber bring in a four round, best of seven tournament can't be ignored. For a single game seven it isn't as large of a factor, but over the course of potentially 28 games, it matters.

Karlsson has yet to prove he can play both ends of the ice effectively in the playoffs. The one season he contributed offensively, he was a wreak defensively. Last year he played good defense, and was held to a single point in seven games.

To me, it comes down to Chara vs. Weber until Karlsson proves he can play both ends effectively.

I'd probably go with Chara for the extra size, as the extras that Weber brings doesn't make up for it in my mind.

Now, Karlsson is young, and has more room to develop than Weber or Chara. So in the future it could change. But currently? I'll take the proven guy with unmatched size and great physicality.

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