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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
You'd easily rank Selanne ahead of Bucyk, Lach, Keon, Hawerchuck (very underrated), Sittler, and so on? I think all those players i listed have some pretty outstanding achievments in their careers and could certainly have an agument made for them. I agree the Robitalle comp. is baloney, and it's not unreasonable to argue he's top 25-50 but i don't think it's easy either. Top 10 is ludicrous, top 20 probably is too. I've never tried to rank guys but if i guessed how it would play out Selanne for me is probably in the 40's-50's.

After a point it get's really hard to say where a guy should rank, you could easily argue Crosby has already surpassed him in overall greatness. What i do know is that Selanne is a very very tough player to argue as top 10 all time. As for the 15 players i think one guy made a pretty obvious list in this thread. Tony d also made a good one and he didn't include guys like Esposito, Trottier, Malone, Sakic, Yzerman, Blake, Morenz, Messier, Lindsay, Moore, Gainey, Dionne, Conacher, Mahovlich, Lalonde, Bossy, and some of the players i already listed i do think are pretty clearly better. There's been list's already posted, i just think there's some very good players that are being forgotten. Selanne didn't stand out as some kind of generational talent in his career, but he was very good for the vast majority of his career. He's not an easy argument to make as top 20 unless you ignore multiple generations of players.
If you only value peak then sure one might rate Crosby ahead of Selanne but I like to take a guys entire career into context.

The guys in bold that you mentioned all pale in comparison to Temmu for a variety of reasons.

1st and foremost do any of those players have as many top 10 finishes in goals, assists and points like Temmu has?

We also have to remember that Temmu is playing in an extremely competitive NHL with huge rates, both in terms of quality and quantity, of non Canadian NHLers' something that wasn't around to any great degree before the trickle in the 70's and 80's to the full onslaught in the 90's and beyond.

He has been a huge impact player as I demonstrated in his 1st 10 years in the NHL and is still an impact player today adding to his legacy.

Maybe not top 10 all time in forwards but easily top 10 in RW and I'd say top 5 as well.

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