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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I'm going to get absolutely bent over for saying this... Zubov was JUST under Lidstrom. Absolutely phenomenal defenseman, and had he been on a more 'prolific' team during his whole career I really think he would get the credit he deserves.

The guy could do whatever he wanted on the ice whenever he wanted, and he'd smoke during the intermissions. His defensive play was fantastic. Stick awareness was great, awesome pokecheck, solid body position, could read everything coming and intercept it, and he wasn't afraid to hit.

One of the greatest defenseman in the offensive zone in NHL history as well.

Flame away.
I agree with this. Always have. Never saw Lidstrom as being much better if at all. His legend grew as he was able to stay healthy in to his twilight years and Detroit was a conistent contender. Zubov had injury problems, played for Dallas, and just didnt garner much attention at all.

Lidstrom was a bit more steady earlier on in their careers whereas Zubov had to become better defensively, though he was never bad.

Guys like Lidstrom, Pronger, and Niedermayer always got more attention but Zubov was always in that class. I rank him above Niedermayer in fact.

Lidstrom is more than likely one of the top 6 defenseman of all time based on his consistency and his accolades. On the History of Hockey page when they did the top 60 defensemen list, Zubov didnt even make the cut while Niedermayer was in the 20s which is an absolute joke. Zubov in my mind is better than Niedermayer, but if you wanna rank him below he certainly isnt 40 positions below nor is he 60 positions below Lidstrom. Shows you he truly is one of the most underrated players of all time.

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