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02-10-2013, 09:45 PM
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So anyone have the DL on what rinks are running late night, even Sundays with nets out?

I don't mind changing outside, just would like lights and some nets.

Red River closes and locks their rinks up...bums.

Not sure how late Bronx is open, though every time I have check it was a pretty mean game of shinny going on.

Luxton has no nets, and is in the middle of Scotia I would probably catch some serious ire if I were to start up with slap shots after 10pm.
Speaking of which, there is a serious need for nets @ Luxton CC. Their only net last time I saw it was laying in a broken heap on the snow bank beside the rink. It was a sturdy thick tube net, but it needed to be bolted in the middle. Apparently it is dead now. I suspect they could use some old beater sticks and pucks too. They loan skates there, might have a few sticks but I had to give 3 kids 8-11 years old...with loaner skates, a puck as they were using a chunk of broken CEMENT…Now that is a poor ass community center!
(Told the kid to keep the puck, his face lit up.)

I grew up in South St. Vital, and Dakota always had nice ice, and if we were out on the ice, most nights they would leave on rink lit for us, with 1/2 the lights on...
Good enough for us.
Just looking for a place to go out after the wife and kid go to sleep to burn off some extra energy, and be able to ring some iron without pissing the nearby residents off.


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